TOL-200 Hand Held Hot Knife cutter

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Our handheld hot knife has been specially designed to cut EPS boards for external insulation. It is really easy to use, and creates less mess than a simple knife or saw. A great investment for a professional EPS installer.

The hot knife has a sharp edge for clean cuts, along with a heated blade to cut smoothly and cleanly, with minimal waste. It is really easy to use and makes cutting EPS simple and far less time-consuming.

How to Use

Start by setting the hot knife to medium temperature (there are 16 settings). The blade temperature will be proportional to the speed of the cut, so if you find smoke coming from the EPS when cutting, you are either cutting too slowly or the blade temperature is too hot. This can lead to uneven cuts, so make sure you adjust the temperature to suit the material you are cutting, and the speed you like to cut at.

When you reach the end of the cut, remove your hand from the trigger just before you exit the EPS as this ensures that no polystyrene sticks to the knife.

Always use brush (provided) for cleaning.

Make sure you operate the hot knife in a well ventilated area, as the heat can cause fumes from the EPS.

Technical Data

Voltage: 230 Volts / 5O Hz

Rating: 190 Watts

Operation: 15s permissible switch-on period / 45s required switch off period

Weight: 300g

Length: 260mm

Width: 50mm

Temperature: 316C

Cutting Depth: 200 or 250mm

Hotknife comes with a detailed manual on use and care of the knife. Please read carefully before operating.

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