Olejnik Rendering Spatula


Our Rendering Spatula is used to create a smooth layer when applying basecoat/adhesive in render or insulation systems. The rendering spatula can be used for finishing and smoothing both walls and ceilings of plaster and special finishes. We offer two different lengths of rendering spatula:

  • 480mm
  • 580mm
  • 680mm

Olejnik Rendering Spatula

The Olejnik Rendering Spatula is the ideal tool for getting a smooth, flat finish quickly and efficiently. Compatible for use when applying plasters, renders and cement products, the Rendering Spatula allows users to cover large surface areas quickly and easily.


  • Use the Rendering Spatula to flatten the adhesive before finishing with a trowel.
  • Apply the Adhesive to the substrate using the usual method of either a Notch Trowel or Plasterers Trowel.
  • Once this has been applied, use the Rendering Spatula to level out the materials.
  • Ensure that the edge of the spatula is slightly damp to prevent any dragging of the materials.
  • Start at the edges and use long smooth swiping motions to level out the product.
  • The spatula will help to level all corners and angles and will reveal any hollows and dips.
  • After use, ensure that your Rendering Spatula is clean and dry and stored in a sheltered space.

480mm, 580mm, 680mm


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