Olejnik Steel EPS Rasp


Olejnik’s EPS rasp is used to shape EPS insulation. The abrasive surface quickly shaves off unwanted EPS to allow you to create a flat surface shape prior to adding the basecoat layer in your EWI System. They say preparation is everything and this EPS rasp is just the thing to give a professional finish.

This Rasp is available in two sizes:

  • 130mm x 270mm
  • 180mm x 400mm

Olejnik Steel EPS Rasp

The Steel EPS Rasp is an essential tool for use on site when installing an EPS insulation system. It is great for flat surfaces and is lightweight and ergonomic, allowing for quick and efficient rasping of EPS. We always recommend rasping all EPS before adding the basecoat layer because many types of EPS have an oily outer surface that needs to be removed to create a mechanical key, which will ensure a strong adhesion between the adhesive and the insulation board. Rasping the EPS is also necessary to create a flat surface before rendering.

The Olejnik Steel EPS Rasp is available in two sizes to allow for a variety of techniques:

  • 130mm x 270mm
  • 180mm x 400mm


  • Press the rasp lightly against the EPS – excessively heavy pressure may cause damage.
  • Start from the top of the system and work your way down.
  • Avoid rasping on a windy day so that the EPS shavings do not fly everywhere.
  • Best practice is to have one worker rasping, while the other uses an industrial hoover directly beneath to catch shavings.
  • Rub the rasp against the EPS in consistently sized circles.
  • We recommend moving the rasp in small circles.
  • Do not ‘wax on wax off’ – Always stick to one direction: all workers on site should rasp either clockwise or anticlockwise so as to create a uniform finish.
  • Always ensure that your Steel Rasp is kept clean and dry in between uses.
  • Store in a dry, secure place away from exposure to elements.
Weight 2 kg

130mm x 270mm, 180mm x 400mm


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