Olejnik Square Notched Trowel


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The square notched trowel is used to ensure an even thickness is applied to the surface. Available in a range of sizes:

  • 4mm x 4mm
  • 6mm x 6mm
  • 8mm x 8mm
  • 10mm x 10mm


Olejnik Notched Trowel

Our square notched trowels are manufactured from high quality pressed steel, so you can be sure they are made to last. Available in four different sized notches, the trowels can be used to apply all sorts of adhesives/cements to surfaces. The angle that you hold the trowel to the wall will affect the thickness of the adhesive so, for example, we recommend using the 10mm x 10mm notched trowel if you are looking to produce a 6mm thick layer of adhesive.

For tile adhesives, you may want to use one of the smaller size notched trowels since the layer of adhesive does not need to be so thick. Our Square Notched Steel Trowel is perfect for use when installing external solid wall insulation, or tiling bathrooms.


  • Apply the adhesive to a small area of the substrate.
  • To do this, scoop up the adhesive using the narrow edge of the Notched Trowel.
  • Drop it onto the wall and use the flat surface to spread it out.
  • Use the Square Notched Trowel’s notched side to comb the wall area until the notches are at their full depth. This will ensure you have the correct amount of adhesive on the wall.
  • Wipe the Square Notched Trowel clean in between to ensure you are applying the correct amount.
  • Lightly smooth the adhesive using the flat edge of a Long Trowel.
  • Always ensure that you clean the Square Notched Trowel after each use, and store in a safe, dry place.
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4mm x 4mm, 6mm x 6mm, 8mm x 8mm, 10mm x 10mm


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