TOL-002 Drill Bits

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We offer 4 different types of drill bit, depending on the type and length of fixing used. Our plastic mechanical fixings have an 10mm core and so the 10mm drill bit is required, we recommend using fixings at least 50mm more than the thickness of insulation (e.g. for a 90mm fixing, we recommend using 140mm fixing) to ensure the fixings are held securely in place. As such ensure the drill bit length used is sufficient to accommodate this.

Our metal fixings are 8mm in diameter and therefore when using these fixings we recommend using the 8mm drill bits – again the length of drill bit used needs to be determined by the thickness of the insulation board used.

All our drill bits are made from hard carbon steel but have a specialised tip made of Tungsten carbide. These drill bits are designed to cut easily through concrete, brick, and mortar during the masonry process.


210x8mm, 210x10mm, 260x8mm, 260x10mm


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