Styropor Foam Adhesive (For Gun)

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UK PLANET Styropor Gun Foam 750ml Рis characterized by excellent adhesion to typical structural materials such as brick, concrete, plaster, wood, glass, metals, foam, rigid PCV and rigid foam PUR. It also has good adhesion to various types of bituminous membranes used in isolation. One-component polyurethane adhesive in spray is characterized by excellent thermal insulation and moisture absorption properties, and resistance to wear. The adhesive is resistant to mold growth. Styropor has no adhesion to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, Teflon and Silicone.


  • Bonding of insulating polystyrene plates for thermo-old buildings and in new buildings
  • Filling the gaps in the dilatation of insulated surfaces,
  • Bonding and insulation wall panels, metal, tiles,
  • Fixing plasterboard to solid walls,
  • Fixing plasterboard to mtal and timber stud walls and battens,
  • Bonding insulation boards to most¬† substrates, etc.


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