Styropor Foam Adhesive (For Gun)

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UK PLANET Styropor Gun Foam 750ml – is characterised by excellent adhesion to typical structural materials such as brick, concrete, plaster, wood, glass, metals, foam, rigid PCV and rigid foam PUR. It also has good adhesion to various types of bituminous membranes used in isolation. One-component polyurethane adhesive in spray is characterised by excellent thermal insulation and moisture absorption properties, and resistance to wear. The adhesive is resistant to mould growth. Styropor has no adhesion to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, Teflon and Silicone.

  • Coverage: 7 – 10m2
  • Foam Adhesive allows for quick and easy application.
  • No materials need to be mixed on site and no tools require cleaning (aside from foam gun)

Styropor Foam Adhesive

This spray foam adhesive is used for attaching EPS insulation boards to substrates – it can also be used for attaching XPS boards. The spray foam adhesive is for use with a foam gun, and each can of adhesive will allow the installer to stick approximately 10m2 of EPS insulation to the wall. It is recommended to apply the spray foam adhesive to the perimeter of each insulation board and then cover the rest of the board liberally in a zig-zag pattern to ensure their is sufficient surface adhesion.

The spray foam adhesive greatly improves the application times of our EPS external wall insulation systems, and since it is a spray foam adhesive, it has a lambda close to the insulating properties of the EPS boards (0.036W/mK), minimising thermal bridging where used.

We recommend following the following application instructions for our Spray Foam Adhesive.


  • The foam adhesive should be applied when the ambient temperatures is between 00c and 300c
  • Ensure surfaces that are not going to be insulated are sufficiently covered to prevent accidental adhesive contamination.
  • If the surface of the EPS insulation boards is hydrophobic or coated, grind glued surface with abrasive paper in order to improve adhesion.


  • Put on protective gloves.
  • Vigorously shake the can (10-20 seconds, the valve facing down) to thoroughly mix the components in the can
  • Screw the can into the foam gun
  • The working position of the can is valve facing down

For bonding EPS boards to facade walls:

  • Apply the adhesive to the perimeter of the board of foamed polystyrene + apply adhesive in a zig zag pattern on the middle of the boards.
  • Stream volume and pace of application is controlled by pressure force on the applicator trigger.
  • Within 3 – 5 minutes of foam application join the board with the wall and apply some pressure to the board to help adhesion
  • Board position needs to be finalised within 15 minutes of attaching the board to the wall.

Other applications:

  • Bonding of insulating polystyrene plates for thermo-old buildings and in new buildings
  • Filling the gaps in the dilatation of insulated surfaces,
  • Bonding and insulation wall panels, metal, tiles,
  • Fixing plasterboard to solid walls,
  • Fixing plasterboard to mtal and timber stud walls and battens,
  • Bonding insulation boards to most  substrates, etc.
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