10mm Stop Bead (No Mesh)- Light Grey – x25

£59.34 (incl VAT)

Dark grey, ivory, Light grey, White

  • 2.5m long
  • 10mm profile
  • uPVC finish to prevent corrosion
  • Reinforces the render edge

Stop Bead 10mm

Our 10mm stop is used for external render systems. The stop bead is made from uPVC which is non-corrosive, so will stand the test of time. Aside from providing a clean stop to render systems, the bead also reinforces the edge against accidental damage.

The beads come in 2.5m lengths and are designed to be embedded within 10mm of render/basecoat.

SKU: 564.031025-M25
Bead colours

Dark grey, ivory, Light grey, White


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