FISCHER – DHK40 – Scrim and Pin Fixings

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Scrim and Pin Fixing Discs are the cost-effective solution to tying a basecoat reinforcement layer to the underlying substrate, ensuring maximum stability. Made of high-quality plastic, these are suitable for anchoring render-only systems to existing render, solid brick, concrete and aerated concrete. 250 in a box.


Scrim and Pin Fixing Discs

Scrim and Pin Fixing Discs are designed for use in render-only systems to ‘pin’ the basecoat reinforcement layer to the wall. These fixings are ideal for use when re-rendering a substrate with an existing render. The discs ensure that the new render system remains secure and prevents the underlying render from breaking down and collapsing.

The Scrim and Pin Fixing Discs are specifically designed to spread the load of the render system. Made from hard-wearing, durable plastic, this type of fixing disc is designed and shaped to ensure a sustained contact pressure so that it won’t shift once installed.

The quick and simple installation of the Scrim and Pin Fixings allows for a quick installation process, reducing workload and saving time.


Before the application of the Scrim and Pin Fixing Discs, the basecoat reinforcement layer needs to be installed. We recommend priming the underlying substrate using the EWI-310 Universal Primer, then applying the EWI-225 Premium Basecoat, which should be applied at approximately 6mm thick before a Fibreglass Mesh is embedded within it.


Once the mesh has been applied and before the basecoat has set, holes should be drilled through the substrate for the discs to be hammered into. The Scrim and Pin Fixing Discs should be hammered into the pre-prepared holes until they are flush with the underlying substrate. During the hammering process, the ribs of the fixing will expand within the drill hole to enable a strong installation. They should then be covered over with another layer of Fibreglass Mesh, embedded within the basecoat.

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High-quality plastic sold in packs of 250.




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