Screw For Starter Track

Our starter track screws / wall plugs are available  in two sizes:

  • 5x45mm
  • 6x60mm

They come in boxes of 200.

Screw Fixings For Starter Track

These screws are used to attach the starter track to the substrate.

They come in boxes of 200 and come with both the steel screw and the wall plug.

We offer two sizes:

  • 5mm x 45mm (wall plug) + 3.5mm x 50mm (screw)
  • 6mm x 60mm (wall plug) + 3.9mm x 65mm (screw)

In addition to fixing starter track in place, the fixings light to medium weight objects to walls, ceilings or floors. Ideal for use in materials including plywood, plasterboard, brickwork, blockwork, concrete or stone.

  • Provides positive grip for screws
  • Rib detail for added grip
  • Solid head for extra strength once installed
  • Promotes grip in a wide range of substrates
  • Strong and durable



5X45mm, 6x60mm


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