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EWI-66458 Reveal Bead (2.5m)

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EWI-66458 Reveal Bead is made from impact-resistant hard PVC and is perfect for preventing cracks from appearing around door and window frames. It ensures that the areas around windows and doors are durable and can withstand the strains and stresses of the system’s lifespan.

Reveal bead is a great way to ensure the best finish on the inside of window and door frames. The adhesive strip allows for the correct alignment of the framing solution, ensuring a clean and professional finish to the system around doors and windows frames.

  • Flexible
  • High quality

2.5 linear metres in length (can be cut to size)

Important details:

All surfaces have to be dry and free of dust and grease.
Do not assimilate if the material, subfont and air have a temperature of less than +5°C and over +40°C.
The bellows can compensate movements of +/- 2 mm.
Possible section butts must be sealed separately.
Bend the protection tab and pull evenly parallel to reveal profile.
Cool and dry storage.
Horizontal transporting and stocking on even rest.

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Grey, White


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