Rendering Tape – Orange

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High performance rendering tape designed to meet demanding rendering situations.

  • Orange
  • 48mm x 50m
  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces

EWI Pro – Rendering Tape – Orange

This high-performance rendering tape is designed to meet demanding rendering situations. This premium orange rendering tape offers water-resistance and is easy to tear. This specialist duct tape is perfect for curves, and helps provide a durable, protective surface over areas that need to be kept clean. The unique adhesive ensures that no residue is left behind once the tape is peeled away, making it ideal for a wide range of surfaces. We recommend always trialling the tape before applying it to any surface.

Technical Information

  • Orange colour
  • 48mm x 50m
  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces

Tape performance may vary depending upon the temperatures on-site. While sub-zero/freezing temperatures could cause a lack of adhesion, extremely high temperatures may result in left-over adhesive residue.

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