Render Carrier Board Screws Self-Tapping – 42mm

£9.19 (incl VAT)
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  • 4.2 x 42mm
  • Carbon steel
  • Self-drilling
  • For fixing cementitious and dense render carrier boards

This product is sold in boxes of 200

Self Tapping RCB Screws

Evolution drywall screws are ideal for securing plasterboard, render carrier board and cement board onto studwork.

  • Designed for: fixing cementitious and other dense boards to metal or timber substrates
  • Description: Self-drilling cement board screw
  • Size: 4.2 x 42mm
  • Box Quantity: 200
  • Carton Quantity: 4,800
  • Material Grade: Carbon steel (C1002 Grade)
  • Head Style: Double countersunk with nibs
  • Coating: Evoshield 1,000HR
  • Drill Point: Custom reduced self-drilling
  • Drive Bit: Phillips No. 2


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