Rendaboard 9mm – 2.4m x 1.2m


£35.84 (incl VAT)


• Fully external/internal

• Pull-out tests available

• Resistant to attack against vermin

• Non-toxic under fire

• Fire rated

• Rot resistant

• Impact resistant

• Excellent dimensional stability

• Good acoustic performance

• Suitable for lightweight steel timber frame systems

• Textured face


Why Use Rendaboard®?

Rendaboard® is a modern practical construction material of outstanding performance. It is non-toxic, contains no hazardous volatiles and is asbestos and formaldehyde free. Euroform have worked extensively with leading coating manufacturers to test and approve the compatibility of Rendaboard® with a variety of polymeric coating systems for direct render applications. Designed specifically for direct render applications, Rendaboard® is off–white in colour and has a textured face to one side for thin polymeric render applications (unless otherwise advised).



Rendaboard® is suitable for a wide range of applications and meets stringent demands for ever-increasing building regulations for ever-higher standards of durability, safety and economy.

• Timber frame structures

• Steel frame structures

• Renovation

• New build

• Sheathing boards

• Infill panels

• Carrier panels

• Backer panels

SKU: EUF-10003062


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