Regal & Barnes – Flat Brush – 2″

Regal & Barnes

£3.84 (incl VAT)
  • Ideal for applying Silicone Paint to larger external areas
  • High-quality, light wooden handle for extreme comfort
  • Wide head with soft bristles for easy application
  • Also applicable for use internally

About Regal & Barnes – Flat Brush – 2″

The Regal & Barnes Flat Brush is a large luxury paint brush, ideal for applying Silicone Paint over a render façade to larger exterior areas. The handle is made of high-quality wood that is extremely light and comfortable to hold to ease the application process, and the wide head is made of extremely soft yet sturdy bristles to ensure excellent coverage. The Regal & Barnes Flat Brush can also be used internally.

SKU: RAB-438200C


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