Rawlplug – R-TFIX-8S Metal Screw Fixing


• Quick and easy installation
• Unique sleeve compression zone
• Reduced point thermal transmittance to 0.001W
• Excellent plate stiffness
• Pre-assembled


Rawlplug R-TFIX-8S Metal Screw Fixing is a versatile screw-in facade fixing with high performance in all base materials. It offers quick, easy and precise installation in all substrates (categories A, B, C, D and E) with its unique sleeve compression zone. The long plastic moulded over the screw minimises thermal bridging, making it energy efficient. Its plate stiffness (value 0.6 kN/mm) ensures a smooth elevation surface and stable insulation system. The unique design also supports high load-bearing capacities, reducing the quantity of fixings required per square metre of insulation. The screw comes pre-assembled to suit your time-saving needs.


The R-TFIX-8S Universal facade fixing is approved for application on:

  • External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)
  • Polystyrene (EPS) boards
  • Mineral wool (MW) boards
  • Polyurethane (PU) boards
  • Cork boards
  • Light wood wool building boards


R-TFIX-8S Universal facade fixings is approved for use in all substrate categories (see below). With its unique sleeve compression zone and plastic over-mould, the screw brings thermal bridging down to a minimum, contributing to energy-saving benefits. The substrate categories are:

• Concrete C12/15-C50/60 (Category A)
• External wall panel of concrete C16/20 – C50/60 (Category A)
• Solid Brick (Category B)
• Solid Sand-lime Brick (Category B)
• Hollow Brick (Category C)
• Hollow Sand-lime Brick (Category C)
• Vertically perforated clay block (Category C)
• Lightweight Concrete Block (Category C)
• Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block (Category D)



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