Protective Work Gloves – (1 pair)

£1.80 (incl VAT)
  • Abrasion and tear resistant.
  • Stretchy and durable.
  • Flexible, perfect fit the hand.
  • Do not shrink in contact with water
  • Provide excellent dexterity

Protective gloves

Gloves made of polyester, coated in 3/4 of the hand with high-quality soft, smooth latex, fingertips covered with foamed latex. Finished with a welt that protects the gloves against slipping from the hands during work.


Coating with a rough structure provides excellent grip, without stiffening the glove. Abrasion and tear resistant. Stretchy and durable. Flexible so they perfectly fit the hand. They do not shrink in contact with water and provide excellent dexterity while reducing the slippage of the held object. They are characterized by increased resistance to abrasion. Perfect for construction, transport and gardening.



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