OX Speedskim Stainless Flex Finishing Rule


  • Prevents excessive fatigue and repetitive strain
  • Ultra-fine 0.3mm stainless steel blade
  • Fine finishing of plaster, drywall & tape & jointing
  • Compatible with all gypsum-based finishing plasters (hand and spray applied), Jointing systems and compounds.
  • Available in 3 sizes: 1200mm, 900mm, 600mm.

OX Speedskim

OX Speedskim Stainless Flex Finishing Rule is the perfect, lightweight tool for render and plaster application. Compatible for use when installing the basecoat before applying render as a decorative finish to an external wall insulation system.

Great for covering large surface areas quickly and easily. The OX Speedskim Finishing Rule is a really handy tool to have on-site; it’s especially useful when using levelling mortars, plasters, cements and basecoats.


  • Use the OX Speedskim to flatten the adhesive before finishing with a trowel.
  • Apply the Adhesive to the substrate using the usual method of either a Notch Trowel or Plasterers Trowel.
  • Once this has been applied, use the OX Speedskim to level out the materials.
  • Ensure that the edge of the Speedskim is slightly damp to prevent any dragging of the materials.
  • Start at the edges and use long smooth swiping motions to level out the product.
  • The Speedskim will help to level all corners and angles and will reveal any hollows and dips.
  • After use, ensure that your OX Speedskim is clean and dry and stored in a sheltered space.

1200mm, 600mm, 900mm

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