OX Pro Notch Trowel

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Why Choose OX Pro Notch Trowel?

  • Carbon steel blade
  • Aluminium heavy duty shank
  • DURAGRIP handle for comfort
  • Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm
  • OX-P403206 (6 mm)
  • OX-P403208 (8 mm)
  • OX-P403210 (10 mm)

About OX Pro Notch Trowel

OX Pro Notch Trowel is the perfect, lightweight tool for render and plaster application. Compatible for use when installing render as a decorative finish to an external wall insulation system. The Notch Trowel is used for combing an adhesive onto a substrate before applying insulation boards or rendering.

OX Pro Notch Trowel – Great for EWI!

Use the OX Pro Notch Trowel for your EWI installation jobs! It’s fantastic for applying:

Using OX Pro Notch Trowel – The Basics

  • Apply the adhesive to a small area of the substrate.
  • To do this, scoop up the adhesive using the narrow edge of the Notch Trowel.
  • Drop it onto the wall and use the flat surface to spread it out.
  • Use the OX Pro Notch Trowel’s notched side to comb the wall area until the notches are at their full depth. This will ensure you have the correct amount of adhesive on the wall.
  • Wipe the OX Pro Notch Trowel clean in between to ensure you are applying the correct amount.
  • Lightly smooth the adhesive using the flat edge of a Long Trowel.



10mm, 6mm, 8mm


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