OX Pro Hand Saw 20″/500mm

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Why Choose an OX Pro Hand Saw?

  • Ultimate Ergonomic soft grip handle for extreme comfort and
  • increased power
  • Triple ground and impulse hardened teeth for aggressive
  • cutting and longer life
  • Improved stability for faster cutting
  • Integral 45 and 90 degree angles built into handle
  • Suitable for Universal cutting
  • 8 teeth per inch, 1mm blade thickness
  • 20″/500mm OX-P133250

OX Pro Hand Saw – OX-P133250

The OX Pro Hand Saw is a powerful, reliable tool which is designed with an extremely comfortable grip for ease of use over long periods of time. The hardened and tempered blade with Triple ground aggressive cutting teeth give increased strength and stability, therefore improving time efficiency and end results. Power saws might be fun, but sometimes all you need is a trusty OX Pro Hand Saw!

Use the OX Pro Hand Saw for Cutting insulation boards (EPS, Wood Fibre), cutting all softwood timber and more!

Using OX Pro Hand Saws – The Basics

  • Always keep your blades sharp. Before undertaking any work ensure that your blade is straight, flat and none of the teeth are bent out of shape.
  • For your safety – ensure that the OX Pro Hand Saw’s blade is stored in a holster when it is not in use.
  • Store your OX Pro Hand Saw in a clean and dry place to avoid rusting and damage.
  • When sawing, start by using light pressure.
  • Never twist the OX Pro Hand Saw blade, always keep it perpendicular to your work.
  • Ensure that your materials are safely clamped and secure (make sure the surrounding area is clear so that you do not unintentionally saw into anything else).
  • Always pay attention to where you want the saw to go in order to achieve a straight cut.
  • Use long, consistent strokes for best results.


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