OX Jab Saw and Holster

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Why choose the OX Jab Saw and Holster?

  • Supplied with protective holster for safety when not in use
  • Hardened & tempered steel blade for increased life
  • 8 Teeth per inch
  • Non-slip ergonomic handle
  • Excellent for wood, plastic & drywall

OX Jab Saw and Holster

The OX Jab Saw and Holster is a professional, powerful and reliable tool which is designed with an extremely comfortable grip for ease of use over long periods of time. The impulse hardened teeth give increased strength and stability, therefore improving time efficiency and end results.

We recommend that the OX Jab Saw and Holster is incredibly useful for cutting mineral wool insulation boards for our mineral wool system! The OX Jab Saw is a really useful tool to have on-site and is great for cutting small holes and awkward angles.

Using the OX Jab Saw and Holster – The Basics

  • If you do not have an edge to cut, you can jab the saw into the material.
  • Because of its narrow blade and tough teeth, the OX Jab Saw can cut many materials!
  • Once the tip of the saw has pierced the material, simply push the knife through using a sawing motion.
  • If you do have an edge to cut, simply rest the blade against this edge and begin to saw.
  • Start of lightly and steadily increase pressure.
  • Aim to use around 3/4 of the OX Jab Saw blade.
  • Always pay attention to where you want the saw to go in order to achieve a straight cut.
  • Use consistent strokes for best results.
  • Store in a dry place and keep dry and clean in between uses.
  • Always keep the OX Jab Saw within its holster in between uses for safety purposes.
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