Metal Lamella Firebreak Fixing (140mm)

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This Metal Lamella Firebreak Fixing is made of stainless steel and is the mechanical fixing of choice when used in conjunction with firebreaks since it will not succumb to high temperatures.

  • Fixing is 140mm in length
  • Requires 8mm drill bit
  • 50 units in each box (as sold)

Metal Lamella Firebreak Fixing

The Metal Lamella Firebreak Fixing offers a higher fire protection than other fixing types when used with the Mineral Wool Lamella fire break within external wall insulation systems.

This fixing comprises of a stainless Steel “one piece” tubular bodied hammer-in anchor. Typically used in applications where horizontal or vertical fire barriers are required. Usually, this type of fixing is specified when fixing into substrates like concrete, concrete blocks and brickwork.

SKU: EWI-736-140


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