Brick Slips – 1m2 – Bavarian Castle

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These lightweight acrylic brick slips are the perfect solution for those looking to recreate traditional brick work. The Flexibricks are ideal for internal or external use and come in a huge range of colours and textures.

The brick slips are incredibly easy to install, consisting of just two components: the brick slips themselves and also the special adhesive, which doubles up as grout.

If you are doing an external solid wall insulation job and want to create a brick look, then these Flexibrick brick slips are the perfect solution.

They should be installed with our brick slip Special Adhesive.

Our Flexibricks brick slips are flexible acrylic brick slips, ideal for those looking to recreate brick features internally or externally. The Flexibricks brick slips are incredibly easy to install and are perfect for installing on top of external wall insulation systems because they are so lightweight. The simplicity of this brick slip solution is one of its great selling points – the Flexibrick system has only two components: the flexible acrylic brick slip and our Flexibrick brick slips Adhesive, which also acts as the grout. The brick slips come in a huge range of colours and textures; we also offer the adhesive in 5 different colours so you can choose the perfect combination of brick slip and grout to match your requirements.

Flexibrick have been made for over 30 years now and over this timeframe millions of metres squared of facade have been finished with the system. If you are interested in insulating your property with external solid wall insulation, but want to retain the brick feel of your property; or you simply want to make a  statement inside your property, Flexibrick brick slips are the perfect solution.

Bavarian Castle Brick Slips make a statement

These Bavarian Castle Flexibrick brick slips are grey in colour and are perfect to be used as part of statement wall internally.

Flexibrick brick slips are almost totally mineral-based, consisting of a mixture of assorted quartz sands and a binding agent. The binding agent is a high-grade polymer dispersion and serves the role of clay in a traditional brick. However unlike traditional brickwork, our brick slips are incredibly flexible, allowing them to be installed easily on almost any substrate.

All the pigments used in the flexibrick brick slips are resistant to UV, meaning that they won’t fade over time when exposed to sunlight. This ensures that your new facade looks as good 20 years down the line as it did the day it was installed. Our Flexibrick brick slips are virtually maintenance-free but have the additional benefits of being easily washable, impact resistant, water repellant and  vapour permeable.

Our Flexibrick brick slips come with a 10 year manufacturer-backed warranty.

Installing our Flexibrick Brick Slips

Use a notched trowel (4 mm) to spread the special brick slip adhesive to an area of approximately 1sq.metre. We suggest not spreading the adhesive on a wider area than this due to the fast drying rate of the adhesive. You are trying to achieve a layer of adhesive approximately 2mm thick which is then used to embed the brick slips. The brick slips are then fixed to the wall in a staggered formation (like standard brickwork) with 10mm gap between vertical and horizontal bricks. Like the name suggests, the Flexibricks can be bent around corners with minimal fuss and also can be cut with a sharp pair of scissors. Once the bricks are all installed, a 10mm brush can be used to ‘grout’ the brick work – ideally wet the brush slightly and brush the grout to smooth it out.

Features of our Flexibrick Brick Slips

  • Approx 48 brick slips per m2.
  • The brick slips are available in 8 different colours (the adhesive is then available in a further 5 colours).
  • Easy to install the flexible brick slips can be bent around corners and cut with a sharp pair of scissors.




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