Fire Rated Expanding Foam (For Gun)

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UK PlanetĀ® Fire Rated Foam B1 is designed for mounting and sealing applications. It hardens quickly and works well on brick, concrete, plaster, wood, glass, metals, foamed polystyrene, hard PVC, and rigid PUR foams. It does not work with polyethylene, silicone and Teflon. UK PlanetĀ® Fire Rated Foam B1 offers excellent heat-insulation and sound absorbance. Foam is additionally mould growth and fungal attack resistant.


  • Doorframes and windows mounting.
  • Heat insulation of water systems, sewage systems and central heating systems.
  • Fixing and insulating of wall panel, division walls, driver’s cabs and boats.
  • Connecting of wooden prefabricated elements in frame constructions.
  • Heat insulation of roofs and floors.
  • Filling of gaps in the building heat insulation

This polyurethane (PU) expanding foam is designed for mounting and sealing applications, including filling gaps around windows and doors. It has great thermal insulating properties as well as excellent sound absorption characteristics. It adheres well to many typical construction materials including brick, concrete, wood, glass, metals, polystyrene and plaster. The PU expanding foam will not adhere to polyethylene, polypropylene or teflon.

This PU expanding foam is B1 fire rated meaning it can provide up to 4 hours of fire resistance in linear joints.

The PU expanding foam comes in 750ml cans and this particular product needs to be used in conjunction with a foam gun.

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