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Silicone Paint (EWI-005) Platinum colour- 15 Litres

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To celebrate the queen’s platinum jubilee we are offering buy one get one free on our 15L silicone paint (EWI-005) in our platinum colour.

  • High-performance masonry paint
  • 15 Litres
  • Suitable for bathrooms & wet rooms
  • Hydrophilic, breathable and flexible

To celebrate the queens platinum jubilee we are offering buy one get on free on Silicone Paint (EWI-005) in our Platinum colour- 15 Litres.

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Silicone Paint (EWI-005)

The EWI-005 Silicone Paint is a high-performance masonry paint. Use it to paint over existing render to refresh the facade and create a finish that looks brand new, or paint over our Mineral Render to seal the render in.

Apply Silicone Paint 3-7 days after the Mineral Render has been applied to the substrate, weather dependent. This will ensure that a strong physical and chemical bond forms between the Mineral Render and the masonry paint.

Application Conditions

  • Application temperature (air, substrate, materials): from +5°C to +25°C
  • Number of coats required: 1
  • Drying time: approx. 12 hours at +20°C
  • Quantity to be used for single coats: about 150-250 ml/m² (depending on the absorptive capacity, substrate structure and application method)

Storage Conditions

Shelf life: up to 12 months from the date of manufacture. Keep dry and in the original packaging at a temperature of +5°C to +25°C.


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