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Primer – K Rend

  • Low odour
  • Thin coat
  • Easy to apply
  • Improves adhesion

Product Information for K Rend Primer TC (Silicone Thin Coat)

  • K Rend Primer TC (Thin Coat) is designed to be used to prepare masonry substrates prior to the application of a K Rend thin coat topcoat.
  • Primer TC is a low odour, ready to use primer which is quick and easy to apply by brush, roller or spray.
  • The product is available in a wide range of colours which are coordinated to the colour of the Silicone TC topcoat.
  • K Rend Primer TC  should be used after the application of K Rend Base Coat (Scratch Coat) and before Silicone TC.
  • It is composed of a water-dilutable Acrylic resin.
  • The K Rend Thin Coat range is particularly suitable where lightweight render systems are required, such as an external wall insulation systems.
  • Primer TC provides a fine texture finish to ensure improved adhesion.

How to prepare K Rend Primer TC (Thin Coat)

  • A test panel to check colour and final appearance is recommended.
  • Backgrounds should be clean, level and dry and free from efflorescence.
  • Mask all adjacent surfaces including windows, sills, doors, timber, glass , brick and flooring.
  • Protect weather exposed surfaces

How to apply K Rend Primer TC (Thin Coat)

  • You can apply K Rend Primer TC (Thin Coat) using a brush, roller or spray and allow 24 hours before applying a topcoat.
  • The temperature of the substrate and surrounding air should be a minimum of 5˚C.
  • Do not apply in conditions of strong sunshine or wind; do not apply onto damp or frozen substrates.
  • Allow freshly applied render base coats a minimum of 14 days before work commences.
  • Complete continuous surfaces without interruption, working to a wet edge at all times.
  • Drying times may be prolonged by lower temperatures or high humidity.
  • The freshly primed surfaces must be protected from rain and from drying too fast.
  • Clean tools and equipment with water immediately after use. If product has been left on to harden it can only be removed mechanically.

Coverage rates of K Rend Primer TC (Thin Coat)

  • K Rend Primer TC (Thin Coat) – 0.25 kg / sq m approx.
  • 60 sqm Per 15kg Tub.

How to store K Rend Primer TC (Thin Coat)

  • Keep in a safe place.
  • Keep in original packaging.
  • Keep in a cool, well ventilated area.
  • Protect from frost.

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