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White Corner Bead – No Mesh (10mm)


£2.58 Excl. VAT

  • 2.5m length
  • Ideal for 10mm renders / basecoat
  • Creates 90 degree angles
  • Reinforces corners against impact damage
  • High-quality uPVC
SKU: LIK-560.1025

Corner Bead 10mm (No Mesh)

This scratch render Corner Bead is used during external rendering. The aim of this particular Corner Bead is to help reinforce external corners within the render system.

The Corner Bead is sunk within the Monocouche Scratch Render or basecoat of a thin coat render system and helps the installer to form exact 90-degree corners.

This is a thin head scratch coat Corner Bead, so is very slightly visible once the render has been applied, forming a straight plastic line down the render where the two sides of the building meet.

Corner Bead 10mm (No Mesh) Intended Uses

All 90° building angles require Corner Beads – this includes the edges around windows and doors. Cracks and other damage can appear around these stress points and the Corner Beads make sure that durability is maintained.

Corner Bead 10mm (No Mesh) Technical Specifications

  • 2.5 metre Length
  • ideal for 10mm render applications
  • Made from rigid PVC plastic
  • Impact-resistant, UV and weatherproof


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