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Brick Slip Adhesive 5kg Tub


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  • Ready-to-use adhesive
  • Specifically designed for the Elastolith Brick Slips
  • Extremely strong adhesive
  • Easily applied
  • Long term use with great coverage
  • Simple to install using special adhesive
  • Available colours include – White, Light Grey, Cement Grey and Anthracite

Brick Slip Adhesive

The brick slip adhesive has been manufactured since the 1960s. Also, it provides an excellent quality that is beyond comparable within the brick slips market. This great product is specially designed for the Elastolith Brick Slips to work together.

In addition, the brick slip adhesive doubles up as the grout. Certainly, with 4 available colours you’ll be sure to find the best combination for your dream property. Whether that is the white adhesive with the famous red brick or light grey with the London yellow brick, indeed you’ll find a colour that suits your needs.

Above all, this extremely powerful adhesive is easy to apply and will keep your brick slips in place for years to come. Also, with three simple steps the installation is very easy and speeds up what could be an extremely long and time-consuming process. This special adhesive comes in a choice of four great colours to match your ideal look.

Available colours include – White, Light Grey, Cement Grey and Anthracite.


Store under cool, dry, and frost free conditions. Closely secure the bucket used to avoid drying out. There is a limited shelf life for opened buckets.

Coverage rate:

Typically 1m² of brick slip requires 2.5kg of the brick slip adhesive.


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