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330 Dolphin Roller Killer Series 18cm

£2.64 Excl. VAT

  • Roller cover only
  • Roller cover 18cm
  • Lint Free
  • Shed-less Knit Technology
  • Resistant to solvents
  • No paint marks
  • Leaves no bristles

Product Summary

The 330 Dolphin Roller Killer Series 18cm is a great roller designed for professional use. However, it is also perfect for DIY and other uses such as creative painting, design, and more.

Also, designed for painting semi-smooth and slightly rough surfaces. The roller fits every paint type and selection. For instance, this roller is suitable for acrylics, latex, oil with both matt and gloss effects.

330 Dolphin Roller Killer Series is 18cm in width. Suitable with the microfibre innovative material. Above all, this product leaves no bristles and easy to use. The bevelled sides prevent paint build-up on the edges. The Dolphin Roller Killer Series comes in different sizes too such as: 10cm and 18cm.

Additionally, the fabric retains all the great features after multiple uses. Certainly, check them out!


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