EWI-RT-001 Joint Tape

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  • Joint tape for cement board & carrier boards
  • Vapour permeable membrane
  • Suitable for rendering and painting
  • Self-adhesive tape

Render Carrier Board Joint Tape

The EWI Pro Render Carrier Board Joint tape is a breathable membrane tape used for sealing connection joints in render carrier boards. The Joint Tape is ideal for external use, keeping the joints dry all year round. Damage from condensation is effectively prevented when using this render carrier board joint tape, as it actively regulates humidity and prevents trapped moisture by allowing water vapour to pass through.

  • For sealing inside and outside
  • Ideal for rendering and can be painted over
  • Suitable for renovation and new builds
  • High-performance adhesive surface
  • Can be applied directly to the boards
  • Excellent UV, ageing and water resistance
  • Dimensionally stable, no overstretching


  • Ensure that your substrate is dry, clean and dust-free before applying any joint tape.
  • Avoid applying the tape at low temperatures.
  • Remove backing paper from the joint tape and position centrally on the overlapping and fix.
  • Continuously remove the backing paper, avoiding wrinkles and pressing firmly to ensure a stable adhesion.

Technical Information:

  • Roll length: 25m
  • Roll width: 100mm


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