Internal Sanitary Silicone

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UK Planet® Sanitary Silicone SN-500, 310ml (White) – UK PLANET silicone SN-500 is a one-part, fast curing sealant, which in contact with atmospheric moisture forms a durable, flexible joint. It is unaffected by temperature extremes, UV – radiation, and maintains this resistance over many years. The UK PLANET silicone SN-500 contains agents against mould and fungus formation. It’s an excellent sealing and bonding caulk with very good adhesion to most surfaces, e.g. to glass, glazing tiles, ceramic, coated surfaces, wood and most plastics.


  • Elastic caulking in glazing of window frames.
  • Sealing of non-expansion joints and gaps.
  • Sealing of shop windows, signs and cable ducts.
  • Protection of polyurethane foams against UV – radiation.
  • Sealing of bathtubs, wash-bowls, showers, drainboard sinks and other sanitary and water supply systems.
  • Caulking and joining of ceramic tiles.
  • Do-it-yourself applications.

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Weight 0,25 kg

White, Clear, Black, Brown


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