EWI-746 Reinforcement Discs

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Mineral Wool Reinforcement Discs come in boxes of 200 units.

They should always be used when installing the Mineral Wool insulation.


Reinforcement Discs

The Reinforcement Discs are designed to help reinforce the mechanical fixings when you are installing a Mineral Wool system. All of our conventional fixings are compatible with these Mineral Wool Reinforcement Discs. Once the Mineral Wool boards are secured in place on the substrate using adhesive, the mechanical fixings are thread through these reinforcement discs before being hammered (or screwed) into the substrate.

These Mineral Wool discs help spread the load of the fixing across a greater area – helping to secure the Mineral Wool to the substrate in a more effective manner.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • For use with hammer or screw fixings
  • Effective for enabling load-bearing
  • Essential for Mineral Wool systems
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