EWI-66485 Window Head Bead (+ Drip bead) 2.5m

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EWI-66485 Window Head Bead is used to reinforce the top of window and door reveals. The bead strengthens the angle to help resist impacts and also helps prevents rainwater tracking back along the underside of the window reveal, back towards the window itself. This bead has 2 wings of mesh – both 100mm long, which is used to integrate the bead into the EWI system.

  • Strengthens corners
  • Helps waterproof system
  • Sold in 2.5m lengths


The dripnose bead acts for an exact and robust termination of render with a dripnose at roller shutter
casings, underside of balconies, windows lintels, plinth weatherings without profiles etc. Due to its
punched and chequered construction and its two-sided mesh stripes it achieves a very good
connection with the plaster and a crack formation in this area will be minimized as far as possible!

Equipment of the product:

The dripnose bead is produced out of impact resistant and UV- and weather-proof PVC
The mesh of the dripnose bead is alkali-proof and dislocation resistant
Important details:
Cool and dry storage
Horizontal transporting and stocking

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