EWI-66405 Under Sill Bead (2.5m)

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  • 2.5m length
  • High quality uPVC plastic
  • Mesh wing
  • Removable tape strip
  • Suitable for use with external wall insulation

EWI-66405 Under Sill Bead

The Under Sill Bead (also known as the T Shape Stop Bead)  sits beneath the oversill and has a mesh wing and a removable tape strip to give a clean finish once rendered. The mesh wing is designed to be embedded within the basecoat layer to tie the system together. The bead ensures a clean finish and prevents water ingress. It can also be used for under soffits.

Intended Uses:

The Under Sill Bead attaches with ease onto the underside of the oversill. It helps to tie the oversill into the EWI system with its mesh wing, increasing the durability and strength of the system as well as providing a professional finish.

Technical Specifications:

  • Linear Meterage: 2.5 meters
  • Mesh: Reinforced fibreglass – UV & Weatherproof – Impact resistant
  • Materials: uPVC & Fibreglass Mesh
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