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EWI-64226 Starter Track (170mm – 240mm) – 2m

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Our Premium uPVC starter track allows insulation to be installed upon a solid footing. The starter track is attached to the substrate with screws and the insulation boards sit on top of it. This starter track not only ensures a straight starting edge, it also protects the bottom of the insulation from water ingress. What makes this starter track so popular is that it minimises cold bridging – unlike aluminium alternatives.

  • 2.0 linear metres in length
  • Ensures straight starting plinth for insulation
  • Protects bottom of insulation

EWI Premium uPVC starter track is used for insulation thickness of 60-90mm, 100-160mm or 170mm-240mm depending on the track depth selected. The starter track gives the insulation a solid base to be installed onto and provides protection for the base of the EPS boards. It is PVC (thermal bridge free) and comes with PVC bellcast beading and fibreglass mesh to give the system the most professional start possible.

Intended Uses:

The uPVC starter track is installed onto the walls at the lowest point of insulation. It provides a level structure that the insulation boards can be installed onto.

Technical Specifications:

uPVC starter track linear meterage: 2 meters

Track depth: 60-90mm / 100-160mm / 170-240mm

Materials: PVC starter track, PVC bellcast bead & Fibreglass mesh

Additional Information:

Easy installation of the base track by standard hole pattern for wall mounting.

No interfering mesh flag when setting the insulation board.

Easy insertion of the combined bellcast bead through an optimal notch on the PVC base profile.

Mounting without connection pieces for starter tracks by shifted assembling of the two profiles.

Neatly plaster completion by extraction of the combined bellcast bead. Optimal plaster fixation by mesh flag of the combined bellcast bead.

To achieve optimum results we recommend a maximum distance of the dowels of 16 cm.

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