EWI-64206 Starter Track (50mm – 90mm) – 2m

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Our EWI-64206 Premium uPVC starter track allows insulation to be installed upon a solid footing. The starter track is 2m in length and is attached to the wall using screws and a spirit level to ensure it is installed flat.

EWI-64206 Premium uPVC starter track is used for any insulation thickness between 50mm and 90mm and is 2m in length. Once installed on the wall it offers a strong plinth on which the external wall insulation system can be installed. Made from uPVC plastic, this Starter Track is not impacted by thermal bridging (like the aluminium alternatives).

This premium starter track has other benefits too – the mesh on the leading edge of the starter track allows it to tie into the external wall insulation basecoat layer providing a much stronger system. Finally, there is a bellcast on the bottom of the leading edge of the starter track which helps divert water away from the EWI system.

  • 2.0 linear metres in length
  • Ensures a level, strong plinth on which the insulation system can be installed.
  • Can house insulation thicknesses between 50mm – 90mm.
  • Protects the bottom of EWI system
  • The drip bead on the leading edge of the starter track diverts water away from the system.

The Premium starter track is actually comprised of two separate components – the ‘female’ section is attached to the wall and the separate male section slides into this. This allows this particular starter track to house different thicknesses of insulation from 100mm up to 160mm.

Intended Uses:

The uPVC starter track is installed onto the walls at the lowest point of insulation (but always above the DPC). It provides a level structure that the insulation boards can be installed onto.

Technical Specifications:

  • uPVC starter track linear meterage: 2 linear metres.
  • Track depth: 50-90mm
  • Materials: PVC starter track, PVC bellcast bead & Fibreglass mesh
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