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40 x Quick Set Self-Levelling Compound – 20kg

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  • This product is sold in pallets of 40 bags
  • Quick setting time
  • Application thickness of 2-30mm

If you’re levelling in a hurry, then you can’t go wrong with our Quick Set Self-Levelling Compound. This is an easy to use, fast-setting levelling solution for creating a perfectly flat surface on internal floors. EWI-254 has a curing time of just 3 days, allowing installers to complete the job promptly and with the highest quality finish. This product can be applied a thickness ranging from 2-30mm.


The Quick Set Self-Levelling Compound comes as a dry mix in 20kg bags. The bag needs to be mixed with 5 litres of clean potable water using an electric paddle mix. It is recommended the leveller is mixed for 2-3 minutes to achieve the required consistency. EWI-254 is then ready for use. When hardened, the product should not be re-mixed with fresh material.


Gradually pour the mixture out, using a rake or a flat-edged trowel to distribute the product. For levelling a large surface area, we recommend dividing the room up into sections. Once the product has been evenly distributed, use a spiked rolled to remove the trapped air from the compound. Trowel marks should disappear after a few minutes. The surface will be safe for treading after 6 hours and fully cured after 7 days.

Application Conditions

  • Application temperature (air, substrate, materials): from +5°C to +25°C
  • Water mix proportions: approx. 4.4 l of water per 20 kg of dry mix
  • Time of usability after mixing with water: approx. 30 mins  (temp. +20°C)

Storage Conditions

Comes in powder form in a 20kg paper bag.

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid ingress of water. Shelf life: up to 9 months from the date of manufacture.


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