EPS Hot Wire Cutter

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The hot wire cutter for EPS is a professional way to cut your EPS insulation. Don’t make do with a knife – get yourself the best foam cutter on the market, meaning no more EPS offcuts flying around the street and upsetting the neighbours.

Once you get your EPS hot wire cutter, you will wonder how you’ve gone without it for so long!

Our EPS hot wire cutter is an innovative way to precision-cut your EPS for even the trickiest of jobs. Cuts all our sizes of EPS and can be easily packed up and moved from site to site.

How does it work?

Whilst using a saw or knife can lead to a jagged edge or messy finish, with bits of polystyrene flying around the install area, the wire cutter slices through the EPS like a hot knife through butter, leaving minimal waste and providing a precise accurate finish.

Low Power Consumption

The EPS wire cutter comes with a power unit and cables, but operates at a low power level, meaning you can run the unit off a battery pack on site. The unit also comes with a footswitch to allow you to turn the unit on and off easily without having to use your hands, allowing for maximum precision. The unit is easily adjustible, to make sure that every requirement can be met.


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