EWI-250 EPS Foam Adhesive (polyurethane adhesive) (750ml)

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Our EPS foam adhesive can be used to fix EPS boards to substrate or to fill in gaps between boards. The adhesive is strong and quick drying – after two hours excess can be cut off using a sharp knife.

One 750ml can cover up to 8m2.

  • Strong polyurethane foam adhesive for fixing EPS boards
  • Quick drying
  • Easy to apply

EWI-250 EPS Foam Adhesive is a polyurethane adhesive designed for fixing expanded polystyrene (EPS) boards to an underlying substrate. It has excellent adhesive properties and works well with concrete, bricks, ceramic blocks, new plaster, wood, metal as well as roof felting and PVC materials. Our EPS foam adhesive is perfect for filling in gaps where the use of EPS is not possible. It also can be used between EPS boards to prevent any gaps / thermal bridging from occurring.

Application requirements

The EWI-240 EPS foam adhesive needs to be applied using our TOL-210 Foam applicator gun (or equivalent). It can be used in temperatures between -5oc up to 300c. Before application the surfaces must be dry and clean and free from dust, dirt grease, oil and loose or flaking materials. One 750ml can of EWI-240 EPS foam adhesive will cover up to 8m2 of substrate.

Application method

Remove dust, dirt, grease and oil from the surface, remove any flaking paintwork and repair damaged plaster. Use EWI-301/ EWI-310 primers to strengthen the underlying substrate prior to applying the EWI-240 foam adhesive. Shake the container for 30 seconds before application. Attach the gun and apply the adhesive whilst holding the container upside down. After applying the adhesive to the EPS boards, wait 30 seconds before attaching the EPS board to the substrate – do not wait more than five minutes or the foam adhesive will dry. This adhesive can also be used to join boards.

Wait two hours for the adhesive to fully set before doing any further works – after this amount of time excess foam can be cut with a knife .

Do not install EPS boards in rain, snow or wind.

After applying the adhesive, clean the applicator gun to ensure that it does not get blocked with dry foam adhesive,  preventing it from future use.


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1 review for EWI-250 EPS Foam Adhesive (polyurethane adhesive) (750ml)

4.00 out of 5
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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Use for us is to fill EPS board gaps. Not too big of course for thermal beidging. We tend to use the rotary fixings of ecodrive or the rawlplug rotary+ with stuck on EPS. Foam adhesive can also be used if you are using shorter fixings and routing the eps. It stops the fixing holes showing when you render the top coat. Very often customers ask me why the fixings showing underneath th render and I say because they havent used the foam adhesive to sitck to eps dowels which they could easily do but all customers want a cheap job so there you go. Rant over

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