EcoTherm Eco-Versal Board

  • Size of boards: 2.4m x 1.2m
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • High compressive strength
  • General-purpose insulation for pitched roofs, ceilings, floors and walls.

EcoTherm Eco-Versal Board

The EcoTherm Eco-Versal insulation board is a general-purpose board, design primarily for applications on roofs, ceilings, floors, dormer cheeks, walls and pitched roofs. Eco-Versal comprises a fibre-free rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core, faced with an aluminium foil composite on both sides.

Eco-Versal insulation is ideal for new-build and retrofit applications to upgrade the thermal performance of existing building elements. This insulation provides a cost-effective way to reduce energy bills, improve thermal comfort and adhere to building regulations.

Technical Specification

  • Composition: polyisocyanurate insulation core faced on both sides with foil
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.022 W/m2K
  • Reaction to fire: Class 1
  • Size of boards: 2.4m x 1.2m
  • Thickness available: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm
  • Weight: 7.85kg per board


Eco-Versal insulation boards should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines – these should cover design and all aspects of the application of the insulation. Eco-Versal is usually held in position by the wall ties used to tie the two skins of masonry together.


Shelf life: please see the manufacturer’s date of expiry. Keep in a dry place, in the original packaging. Avoid excess heat or UV light exposure.


25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm


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