Dryzone Dryshield Cream

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Dryzone Dryshield Cream is a primer for walls that have been contaminated with rising damp. It is intended for used before the application of plasterboard using the Drygrip Adhesive.

Dryzone Dryshield Cream

Dryzone Dryshield Cream is a salt-resistant, water repellent solution that acts as a primer before the application of the Drygrip Adhesive. Ideally used on walls that have been contaminated with rising damp, the Dryzone Cream weakens the strength of salts within the substrate, eliminating their damaging effects as the residual water evaporates from the wall. Dryshield damp proof cream is both breathable and long-lasting, helping the adhesive to form a durable bond with the masonry structure as well as protecting against rising damp.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is a common problem in older properties where a DPC hasn’t been installed, or in properties where the DPC has failed. Rising damp is caused when water is drawn from the base of the wall upwards by capillary action. It causes problems within a structure as it can result in structural instability as well as persistent damp patches on the internal walls and floors. The only true solution to rising damp is by installing a DPC, however, this is difficult to do retrospectively. This is why the Dryzone range is so effective at putting a stop to rising damp.


  • Fully remove any contaminated plaster, paint or loose material from the substrate.
  • Before applying Dryzone cream, remove any electrical sockets or light fittings on the wall so that the masonry behind them can be treated.
  • Apply Dryshield to the wall in a single coat using a large soft brush or roller. Make sure that any cracks and holes are filled with damp proof cream and that all areas are coated evenly.
  • Allow the Dryshield to soak into the substrate for at least 30 minutes, however, do not leave it exposed for more than 24 hours before the plasterboard is fitted.
  • Reinstate any fittings and sockets before continuing with the plasterboard installation.


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