Washi Ultra Premium Painters Tape (30mm x 50m)


£5.52 (incl VAT)
  • Razor sharp paint lines
  • Blocks paint bleeding
  • Ultra-thin rice paper technology
  • Great when using lacquers
  • 60-day UV resistance
  • Medium tack

This Ultra Premium painter’s tape gives razor sharp lines and can be removed cleanly up to 60 days after the job is completed.


  • Top-quality tape;
  • Razor-sharp paint lines;
  • Quality adhesives;
  • Blocks paint penetration;
  • Ultra-thin rice paper technology;
  • Easily peeled off in over 60 days;
  • No adhesive residue after peeling off the adhesive tape;
  • Recommended for using on the interior of buildings;
  • It does not detach from the surface by itself;
  • The paint does not absorb into the tape;
  • 60 days of UV resistance;
  • Medium stickiness;
  • Made in Japan

Used on

  • Painted walls and finishes
  • Varnished wood and other articles
  • Glass
  • plastic
  • metal

Product Information

Blue Dolphin Washi Tape is an ultra-high quality rice paper tape that demonstrates phenomenal results in painting work. Ultra-thin rice paper blocks the ingress of paint under the tape and creates razor-sharpened paint lines. The tape has exceptionally smooth and neat paint lines that are better than other paint strips.

SKU: DOL-300-1-02


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