corner bead for thin coat render systems

Likov – Aluminium Render Corner Bead – 2.5m


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  • 2.5m length
  • Provides protection around openings
  • Minimises cracks occurring around openings
  • Impact-resistant
  • Mesh wings

Aluminium Thin Coat Render Corner Bead

This Aluminium thin coat render corner bead comes in lengths of 2.5m and used for reinforcing 90-degree angles in the building structure. Corner beading is crucial for strength and clean lines around windows, corners and door frames. The corner bead is specifically designed to reduce and minimise the formation of cracks around openings.

Intended Uses:

The Corner Bead has excess mesh, which is used to promote durability around corners. All 90° building angles require Corner Beads – this includes the edges around windows and doors. Cracks and other damage can appear around these stress points and the Corner Beads make sure that durability is maintained.

Technical Specifications:

  • Linear Meterage: 2.5 metres
  • Mesh: Reinforced fibreglass – UV & Weatherproof and impact resistant
  • Materials: Aluminium & Fibreglass Mesh
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