HP12 Base Coat – K Rend – x40

K Rend

£464.40 (incl VAT)
  • Dual-purpose basecoat
  • Polymer modified
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Water-resistant

This product is sold in pallets of 40 bags. 

K Rend HP12 Base Coat

K Rend HP12 is a polymer-modified, cement-based basecoat, intended for creating a level surface on a range of substrates. The basecoat ensures the strength and flexibility of the render system, providing a backing for the decorative K Rend topcoat finish. K Rend HP12 can be used to create a scratch/stipple coat for providing a mechanical key to aid adhesion. It can also be used as a bedding adhesive for fixing polystyrene insulation boards onto masonry substrates when used in conjunction with mechanical fixings.


K Rend HP12 comes as a dry mix in 25kg so needs to be mixed with clean, cold water (5-6 litres) prior to use. We suggest filling a large bucket with the correct quantities of water prior to adding the dry basecoat mixture. Once the basecoat has been added to the water, it needs to be mixed using a paddle mix until an even consistency mortar is produced.


If using K Rend HP12 for the basecoat layer, apply the HP12 to the substrate using a hawk and trowel at a thickness of 4-6mm. Then embed overlapping pieces of Fibreglass Mesh – the mesh should sit within the middle of the basecoat layer. If the next coat is a K Rend topcoat, scratch the surface lightly to produce a mechanical key. Alternatively, a smooth finish can be created using a long float.

If using K Rend HP12 to fix EPS to the substrate, the basecoat can either be applied to the whole surface of the insulation board using a notched trowel or applied to the perimeter of the insulation board with 3 dabs across the middle. At least 50% of the boards should be covered.

Application Conditions:

  • Application temperature (air, substrate, materials): from +5°C to 25°C
  • Time of usability after mixing with water: approx. 2 hours (temp. +20°C)
  • Water mix proportions: approx. 5-6 litres of water per 25 kg of dry mix
  • Quantity to be used: 1.8kg/mm/m2
  • Required: 8-11kg per m2 when applied at 4-6mm thick

Storage Conditions

Comes in powder form in a 25kg paper bag.

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid ingress of water. Shelf life: up to 12 months from the date of manufacture.


Weight 1000 kg


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