330 Dolphin Roller Cover – SPINNER Series (25cm)


£3.24 (incl VAT)


  • Roller cover only
  • Roller cover 25cm/ H 9mm
  • Lint Free
  • 30% Faster
  • Resistant to solvents
  • No paint marks.


Product Summary

  • Roller cover 25cm/ H9mm
  • Semi-Smooth/Semi-Rough Surfaces
  • All Paints- acrylic latex oil based matte to a high gloss
  • Excellent for Production painting.
  • Lint Free- Shed-less Knit Technology
  • 30% Faster
  • Innovative superfine fabric
  • Picks-up and releases more paint
  • Polypropylene tube resistant to solvents
  • Fabric retains all features after multiple uses
  • Bevelled edges eliminate paint marks.

Product Information

The Blue Dolphin 330 Series are Professional Paint Rollers and Roller Covers.  The Blue Dolphin 330 series is the new generation of roller covers and roller frames from Blue Dolphin, all products are made in Poland and meet the highest quality requirements.

SKU: DOL-S25W9_DAP_47441_E


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