330 Dolphin Roller Cover- SILVER Series (10cm) – 2 units


£2.15 (incl VAT)
  • Width: 10cm
  • Microfibre Innovative material
  • For all surfaces For all types of paints (acrylic, latex, oil, matte, gloss)
  • Leaves no bristles
  • The bevelled sides prevent paint build-up on the edges

The Silver Blue Dolphin series 330 roller for professionals.

Designed for painting all surfaces.

Product features:

  • Width: 10cm
  • For rough surfaces.
  • Microfiber Twist for all paints
  • Extremely durable
  • Lint Free Shedless Knit Technology
  • Innovative superfine fabric. Picks-up and releases more paint
  • Mechanism designed for easy rolling
  • Polypropylene tube resistant to solvents
  • Fabric retains all features after multiple uses
  • Bevelled edges eliminate paint marks.
SKU: DOL-SR10W9_48233_E


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