What is ETICS Render Remover?

We love to bring to our customers new and exciting products that will genuinely be of use on-site. Among these is our ETICS Render Remover, because it’s a bit of a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning up and making sure that there’s no damage to the property during installation!

When working on-site, it’s practically impossible to ensure that the property remains immaculately clean. It’s inevitable that render will be dropped on areas such as patios, pavements, windows and doors, leaving a worrying stain. ETICS Render Remover is a fast-acting chemical cleaner which effectively breaks down spilled, dried out render. We always recommend that installers take precautions to protect these exposed areas by using window protection film and other protective covers, however accidents happen, and here’s what to do when they do!

How to use ETICS Render Remover

Something that makes this a really appealing product is the fact that it’s so easy to use. ETICS Render Remover is highly versatile, as you can use it on a range of substrates including metal, plastic and rubber, glass, uPVC, brick, concrete and tarmac. It’s perfectly safe to use, posing no threat to workers and, importantly, it’s not hazardous to the environment!

To use the ETICS Render Remover, you can simply wet the stain using water and remove any large chunks of render, then blob the ETICS directly onto the stain, leave it for 10-20 minutes and bob’s your uncle! You can re-apply the render cleaner as many times as you like if you’ve got some particularly tough stains to get rid of.

Another convenient use of the ETICS Render Remover is by using it in combination with a jet wash! For each process, whether it’s by hand or by jet wash, once you’re happy that the stain has been fully removed make sure you wash away any remaining ETICS with clean water.

ETICS Render Remover comes in both a gel and a liquid. The gel is particularly useful if you’ve managed to spill render on a vertical surface such as a window, because the ETICS needs to be able to sit on the surface of the stain for 10 minutes to work and the gel prevents it from just sliding off.

EWI Pro Materials and ETICS Render Remover

The great thing about the ETICS is that you can use it for a wide range of product stains and still get great results. For example, you can use the ETICS with our thin coat renders: Silicone, Silicone-Silicate, Acrylic and Mineral Renders. It’s also great for use with our adhesives and basecoats, with Monocouche Scratch Render and with our Silicone Paints!  

ETICS Render Remover – An Overview

  • Use it on your tools to get rid of damaging stains
  • Use it at the end of a job to present a nice clean finish to your clients and bring in some great reviews
  • Use it to clean up the edges of your render to go that extra mile and be high quality
  • Virtually no risk to the finished work
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Versatile – use on a range of substrates and to clean away a range of products
  • An environmentally friendly product

Stay tuned for more content! We upload new blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday all about our products, with technical advice and answering customer’s FAQ’s!

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