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Reasons to become an EWI installer

If you’re a renderer, plasterer or general tradesman, learning how to install external wall insulation and becoming an official EWI installer could be a massive asset to your business. Here’s why…

Large quantities of solid wall properties

There are approximately 7 million solid wall homes in the UK. That means that 7 million homes are inadequately insulated, with high energy bills and tenants who are looking for ways to improve the thermal performance of their homes.

Enter external wall insulation – the ideal solution for increasing the thermal comfort of a solid wall property.

Rising energy prices

With the UK energy crisis, political unrest and rising energy bills, many homeowners are struggling to keep up with the ongoing increase in energy their annual energy bills. As a result, many are turning to energy efficiency for a solution.

Industry awareness of the need for quality installations and materials

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, cladding and external insulation have come under close investigation to ensure that quality is at the core of every installation. This includes not just materials, but adequate skills, supervision and awareness of regulatory standards.

External wall insulation has undoubtedly had its scare stories of installations gone horribly wrong, but the effectiveness of the system once properly installed far outweighs the stories of bodged jobs. Aligning yourself with a recognised quality brand, following their specifications and keeping up to date with offered training courses is the best way to ensure that you are recognised as a reliable installer.

Energy efficiency standards

Energy efficiency standards are getting higher as the threat of climate change persists. With the new MEES regulations on rental properties, it’s only a matter of time before more regulatory standards are put in place. External wall insulation can seriously increase the EPC ratings of properties, so we expect that demand for the service will only increase.

Not only this, but with every regulatory standard comes some kind of funding. We expect that there will be more funding initiatives for external wall insulation that  installers will be able to get on board with in the near future.

How do I become an EWI installer?

If you are already in the building trade, then adding external wall insulation installations to your list of services is pretty easy. There are plenty of manufacturers out there who offer the chance to attend their training courses and get to grips with the system and their materials.

Attend a Training Session

At EWI Store we hold training courses every Thursday for current and potential installers to attend. We train installers on the use of EWI Pro systems – from stage 1 to completion our course is comprehensive enough that by the end you will have a pretty good knowledge of how it all works and fits together.

Technical Support

We don’t just leave installers to get on with it after that though. Things can go wrong on-site, and circumstances can crop up that leaves uncertainty and doubt about what to do – that’s why if you’ve bought your materials from us you can call us at any time to ask technical questions. We have a whole team with experience using our materials, and we have plenty of literature for you to take away and use on-site.

Customer Leads

We also get many customer leads through our website all over the country. People come to us looking for installers, and if they’re in your area then we will recommend you to them.

Trade Discounts

It all works out that we’ll pass leads on to you to drive your business as an EWI installer, and the more you need to buy materials from us to carry out the work, the bigger the trade discount you rack up.

Homeowners in europe have been installing EWI for years, and over in the UK people are only just catching up with the trend. At EWI Store, we really believe in helping UK homeowners catch up on saving energy and reducing their carbon footprint using our insulation systems.

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