Browse our extensive range of external wall primers – high quality primer paint for walls. Preparation is key, which is why we offer primers to suit all substrates and renders. Whether you’re looking to stabilise an absorptive substrate or aid adhesion, we have a solution. At EWI Store, our external primers are divided into two categories: substrate primers and render primers. The substrate primer is used to prepare the wall before anything else is applied; this is an essential step in preparing to install your render of EWI system. On the other hand, our render primers are designed to be painted onto the basecoat before the application of our thin coat renders.

The first step in substrate preparation is ensuring that there is no organic growth on the surface, as this will hinder the application process. We recommend using the Fungicidal Wash to prepare the walls. This is simply sprayed or painted onto the surface and then left for 24 hours to work.

If you’re working with a substrate that is very smooth, then the EWI-310 Universal Primer is the best choice. This external wall primer is tinted red so that you can see exactly where you’ve applied it. It helps to stabilise the absorption of the substrate, and it also contains aggregates, which provide a mechanical key to aid adhesion of the basecoat/adhesive.

The EWI-301 Water Based Primer is our standard classic substrate primer. This product is a primer paint for walls that are highly porous and absorptive, and therefore require stabilising. It dries completely colourless and ensures the effective application of materials. This is the best external primer for a durable and dependable finish.

Our range of render primers are specifically designed for use with our thin coat renders. These are essentially a primer paint for walls that have been covered in a reinforced basecoat layer. Our render primers can be tinted to match the colour of your chosen render; we tend to recommend this if you are using a vibrant render colour, as the primer can enhance the intensity of the colour.

We currently sell two types of render primers. Firstly, the EWI-333 SiSi Render Primer is an external wall primer designed for application directly onto a reinforced basecoat prior to the application of our silicone-based renders. Secondly, the EWI-330 Mineral & Acrylic Primer is designed for application prior to our Acrylic and Mineral primers. These external primers are ideal for bonding dusty substrates, are vapour permeable and help to facilitate the application of the render.

If you’re planning an external wall insulation or render installation, give our team a call! We can help you decide on the best materials for the job and advise as to how much you will need.

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