External Insulation

We provide a wide range of external insulation boards to suit different properties and substrates. The insulation board is fixed to the external wall using adhesive and mechanical fixings. It then works to slow down the rate of heat transfer, preventing the warmth inside your home from escaping. All of our insulation boards are available in a wide range of thicknesses to achieve different levels of performance. If you require any assistance in choosing the best type of insulation for your property, then please do not hesitate to give our technical team a call.

In terms of choosing the right house insulation products for your particular property, we can offer a range of different materials. if you’re looking for a cost-effective insulation system, then we highly recommend choosing our EPS insulation boards. EPS insulation comes in a wide variety of thicknesses (from 20mm-200mm). EPS is a lightweight foam insulation with a thermal conductivity of 0.032 (W/mK), so in terms of comparing its performance to other wall insulation boards, it ranks very highly.

If you’re looking for a material that is highly non-combustible, then Mineral Wool is the best choice for you as it rated as Class A1 for fire performance. This type of external insulation board is very commonly used for insulating high-rise buildings and for insulating around chimney breasts. It’s also a breathable material, which means that it allows water vapour to pass through its surface. Some properties experience higher levels of damp, and therefore breathability is an essential characteristic, making Mineral Wool the perfect choice. Mineral Wool has a thermal conductivity of 0.036(W/mK), one of our most high-performance house insulation products.

For Timber Frame properties you can’t go wrong with our Wood Fibre insulation. This is one of the most breathable and environmentally friendly house insulation products on the market. Wood Fibre is manufactured from off-cuts and waste-shavings from sustainably managed timber. They can even be recycled and composted after used. The boards offer a thermal conductivity of 0.038(W/mK), meaning they stand up against other wall insulation boards such as EPS.

Another type of wall insulation board that we sell is XPS (extruded polystyrene). This is a closed-cell foam insulation, so it’s highly waterproof. For this reason, we tend to recommend the use of XPS for insulating below the DPC as out of all of our external insulation boards this is the least likely to absorb moisture. XPS has a thermal conductivity of 0.038(W/mK) so in terms of performance it’s on par with Wood Fibre insulation.

We also stock Kingspan K5 insulation boards. People choose to use these in situations where they have limited external space and therefore need an insulation board that will offer performance without needing to be extremely thick. K5 is a rigid foam board, and 60mm will achieve the same U-values as 90mm of EPS. In general this material is very high quality, however it can be more difficult to install, so call our technical team for advice on how to do this.

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